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Marchio - Antistress Rieker

2010-03-26 23:55:58
Geraskin, PE
Marchio - Antistress Rieker

Rieker Antistress - the concept of Riker Antistress became company Rieker card. Rieker the Antistress Rieker Antistress guarantees that in footwear is inherent amazing ease, surprising flexibility of a sole. The footwear of Riker Antistress (Rieker Antistress) will present to you sensation of improbable comfort at walking. Specially developed Rieker (Riker) components and a unique method of a design guarantee ease and comfort of footwear of brand Rieker (Riker). Soles of a brand of Riker Antistress (Rieker Antistress) absorb blows at walking and distribute pressure on all surface of foot, taking a step more comfortable. Correct good footwear - your daily pleasure.

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