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Calzaturificio Ronnon

2010-04-01 03:24:16
Geraskin, PE
Calzaturificio Ronnon

Shoe factory Ronnon - production and footwear wholesale

Our company is the unique in his way Russian manufacturer of the footwear who have incorporated all cycle of production, from purchase of tanning raw materials, production of a genuine leather before end production issue. Our raw warehouses are possessed in the Belgorod, Kursk and Voronezh areas. Our enterprise carries out production and footwear wholesale only from a qualitative genuine leather. And not the secret that tanning raw materials of the given regions is thanks to the органолептическим to indicators, the best not only in Russia, but also all over the world.

At factory own wholesale department of sales functions.

Thanks to cooperation with concerns BASF, TFL, we make a leather of system Drywalk which allows footwear to remain dry in any weather. The highest indicators of water repellency when the skin does not drop water within 6 hours, are combined with all properties of a genuine leather: it soft to the touch also has a pleasant, silky signature stamp.

High indicators of water repellency are confirmed by tests on Mejseru and Balli.

The footwear of trade marks manufactured by Company «Ronnon» and "Burgeractive" is a modern comfortable footwear. An organic combination of fashionable tendencies and convenience – here the card of our company. The increased comfort is reached by use convenient half-musical soles, developed with allowance for anthropological features of the Russian consumers, an anatomic insole, high-quality natural materials.

Our footwear for all who appreciates quality!

The main technologist of tanning production
Tanning production

For manufacturing of a sole we use a material of new generation - Microlite, productions of Italy. In comparison with domestic analogues, it has the best physicomechanical properties, the facilitated structure, elasticity, effect that will give to your feet sensation of comfort, you will get tired less that will allow you to lead more active way of life. Good amortisation Мarilite extinguishes толчковую load at walking and prevents backbone microtraumas. Besides, this material has the increased durability, and it will give the chance not to do additional investments on sole preventive maintenance. Acquire footwear from the manufacturer.

The collective of competent experts of factory "Ronnon" wishes you a sound health and a light step!

Phones of a department of sales:
Russia (495 448-57-72, 626-50-73

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